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Build your dream

Build your dream

This is how we started.

We needed to take down the roof and prepare the house for removal.

And so it begins.

Then we sat the house on the property and waterblasted it to find the "problems"

In the beginning

Did we find some problems, but we wanted an adventure.....

Now lets get the house where we want it to stand for the next 100 years !


We painted the outside and removed all the rotten boards......


Now the building of the new portion begins.......                           

Build your dream continued.......

And so begins the renovation.!!!!!

We had some help !

It was exciting when the kitchen went in....

And now onto the outside.


We covered the house in building paper and chicken wire so we could stucco the house.

Renovating the doors inside we did at night after work.

The bathroom window was in yeah  ! ! !

Tiles for the fireplace....

Completing the porch area

All the windows had to be renovated. I had a little help with these.


The house is painted.

Now to create the garden. This was fun.

The vege garden,

Now back to the inside...

The carpet is in ! !

The kitchen is complete.